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_ Herbal Dubbel 7.2%
Sage _ Herbal Dubbel 7.2%
Pilsner, Wheat, Caramel, Toasted and Roasted malt Noble Hops, bittering and aromatic wild-crafted Herbs
Vintages: 2014
Tasting Notes:
“Herbal Nose backed with a myriad of aromatic malt, mahogonay hue, velvet creamy mouth, savory herbs, stone fruit, toast, burnt toffee, mid-tones of fig, anise, light butterscotch and spice that carry through a myriad of warming dry herbal highlights of grass, mint and brush.”
Cellar Notes:
Ale brewed with Propolis House Microbes- cellar +2 years
Food Pairings:
Roasted Chicken, robust stews, game, mashed potatoes, Frites, Chick-pea salad, baklava, butternut squash soap
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