Old Bruin
_Bourbon barrel aged Flemish Brown Ale 7.5%
Old Bruin _Bourbon barrel aged Flemish Brown Ale 7.5%
2-row, Wheat, Light Kilned malt, Caramel and Roasted malt, Noble Hops, bittering and aromatic wild-crafted Herbs
Vintages: 2016
Tasting Notes:
“Nose of oak and bourbon, sweet acidity backed with a myriad of aromatic malts; mahogonay hue, velvet creamy mouth, tastes of savory herbs, stone fruit, burnt toffee, fig, anise, and plum; moderate acidity with a rustic tartness and warm bourbon highlights.”
Cellar Notes:
Ale brewed with Propolis microbes, wild yeast and micro-organisms
Food Pairings:
Grilled game, soft-ripened cheese, roasted vegetables, wild mushrooms, potato and leek soup, grilled asparagus, mole, german chocolate cake, tort