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_ Herbal Pumpkin Dubbel Ale 7.5%
Montem _ Herbal Pumpkin Dubbel Ale 7.5%
Pilsner, Wheat, Caramel, Toasted and Roasted malt Noble Hops, bittering and aromatic wild-crafted Herbs and Spices, Propolis Grown Pumpkins
Vintages: 2013
Tasting Notes:
“Nose of roasted pumpkin and herb, dark chestnut hue, deep velvet creamy mouth, savory herbs, dried fruits, nutmeg and pumpkin carry through to burnt toffee, anise and spice midtones, robust, clean and earthy finish."
Cellar Notes:
Ale brewed with Propolis Microbes - Age +2 years
Food Pairings:
Elk, Roasted Turkey, ginger cranberry glaze, pumpkin pie, roasted squash, bratwurst, pecans