_ Golden Herbal Saison _5.25%
Erthe _ Golden Herbal Saison _5.25%
_ Golden Herbal Saison 5 .25% Pilsner, Wheat, Spelt and Light Kilned malt Noble Hops, Sage, Hyssop & Thyme
Tasting Notes:
“Delicate Herbal nose, golden pale hue, light creamy mouth, soft bagette malt, clean earthy bitterness, rustic tarness, crisp and refreshing, floral with light anise, finishing dry with notes of sage and thyme.”
Cellar Notes:
Ale brewed with Propolis house microbes- cellar 1 year
Food Pairings:
Fresh salmon, aged gouda, smoked oysters, classic buger, ceasar salad, rustic salami hummus, fish tacos, thai curry
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