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_ Spring Herbal Saison 7.5%
Ostara _ Spring Herbal Saison 7.5%
Pilsner, Wheat, Oats, Caramel, Toasted and Roasted malt Noble Hops, bittering and aromatic herbs
Tasting Notes:
“Sweet Herbal nose, light amber hue, smooth creamy mouthfeel, light bready malt, balanced and rich with undertones of earth and petal, notes of toffee, butterscotch, apricot, chamomile and wood herbs, dry smooth finish.”
Cellar Notes:
Belgian Ale - Age for up to 2 years, bottled 04.2014
Food Pairings:
Fowl, roasted nuts, moral mushrooms, apricots, lingonberries, crepes, aged gouda, rye bread, pastrami, mustard greens, creme-brulee.
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