Beer Care:


Our herbal ales will transform dramatically over the course of the seasons. With ABV ranging from 7-8% our bottle conditioned ales will generally mature for 1 to +2 years. Herbal notes will become increasingly more prevelant at 6 months, and supreme at 1-year.  Many Ales utilize several yeast strains, including various wild cultures.  These ales will matured for over 2 years if allowed, with rustic tartness and acidity becoming moderately apparent at 4 months, significent at 1 year and supreme beyond 2.  For optimal maturation refer to each specific Ale page for cellar notes. For best results store your vertically at proper cellar temperature of 54 degrees F, chill slightly before serving. Ales stored at warmer temperatures will evolve faster and develop more predominant acidity and carbonation, while ales rested at lower temperatures will evolve more gradual.

Pour into a clean oil-free tullip glass or goblet steady and straight at first to produce a minimal head, then tilt your glass slightly while continuing the pour to produce a solid 1-1/2” of creamy foam head. It is recommended to pour bottle contents into several glasses all at once taking care to not disrupt yeast on the bottom of the bottle.  Allow Ale to gently warm as sipping to experience the full spectrum of flavor. Herbs and yeast esters will be more apparent at warmer temperatures. Clarity of malt and herb profile will be enhanced if Ale is chilled and yeast is left in bottle. Maintain a good head to prevent ale from oxidizing and to preserves flavor and aroma.


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