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_ Barrel-aged Old World Ale 7.5%
Cuvee _ Barrel-aged Old World Ale 7.5%
Pilsner, Wheat, Caramel, Toasted and Roasted malt, bittering and aromatic gruit blend
Tasting Notes:
“Roasted herbal nose with notes of rosemary and toasted oak, Crisp mouth with moderate tartness and soft tannins, dark amber-rose hue, deep and rounded herbal complexity melded with vanilla, bark, tobacco, leather, fruit notes of dried cherry, fig, caramel glaze, and apricots, finished with a malty dry linger.”
Cellar Notes:
Wild Ale aged 1-year Malbec a Barrel - Age for +4 years, bottled 10.2014
Food Pairings:
Spiral ham, apricots, candied nuts, cured meats, smoked oysters, vintage cheese, rabbit stew, steamed chard