_Dark Amber Saison with Bergamot 7.5%
Bergamont _Dark Amber Saison with Bergamot 7.5%
2-row, Wheat, Spelt, Specialty Malt, noble hops, herbs and fruit
Vintages: 2015
Tasting Notes:
“Nose of fresh squeezed orange peel, exotic spice and florals, dark amber hue, crisp and creamy body with upfront tastes of grapefruit, anise, toasted caramel and clove that round off to tastes of toffee, nibs and light cherry. Finishes clean and dry with lingering notes of tea, malt and botanicals.
Cellar Notes:
Ale brewed with Propolis House Microbes- cellar +2 years
Food Pairings:
Roasted duck, trout, soft ripened cheese, reuben bratwurst, panang curry, bean chilli, squash, carrot cake